About AGA

Alberta Gujarati Association (AGA) of Edmonton was established as a non-profit and charitable organization. It was established about 45 years ago by first generation Gujaratis. AGA is one of the largest cultural organizations in the Western part of Canada, with thousands of Gujarati speaking members and supporters. Over the last 45 years AGA has conducted several activities to promote Gujarati/Indian cultural programs for the residents of Edmonton and surrounding areas.

The main purpose of Alberta Gujarati Association is to:

  • Maintain, enhance, understand, and appreciate Gujarati culture and language.
  • Preserve Gujarati heritage by celebrating various Gujarati holidays, encourage friendship among members with entertainment and sporting events, and educate youth about Gujarati customs and language.

To promote these goals, AGA organizes Navratri Garba, Cultural Programs, Holi festival, Chaitri Navratri Garba, Sports Tournaments, Canada Day Picnic, Diwali Dinner and other events to bring together our community. AGA provides a platform to further Gujarati traditions and culture.